FRESH tonic pure

It’s finally here!

Our FRESH tonic pure has been given a completely new formulation and it’s available now.

This high quality tonic clarifies oily skin that tends to impurities, and provides hydration. It regulates sebum production, thus preventing undesirable shine. Valuable plant extracts have an antioxidant, toning effect. A special complex to combat skin impurities ensures an even, balanced complexion.

A special extract from the Chinese mulberry tree regulates excess sebum production, prevents blackheads and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Zinc PCA reduces skin impurities and also provides excellent hydration. Maritime pine extract provides the skin with powerful antioxidants and protects the cells against free radicals. High-quality plant extracts from thyme, cypress, St. John’s wort, field horsetail and witch hazel strengthen the natural skin barrier and refine the complexion. Lemon verbena hydrosol, aloe vera fresh plant juice and alcohol gently refresh and clarify the skin.

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