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RINGANA Advent Calendar

Now, what’s behind the door?

Are you looking forward to Christmas as much as we are? We’d once again like to shorten your wait for 24 December with our popular RINGANA Advent Calendar. Behind each of the 24 doors you’ll find a different RINGANA product with 20% off. So great! In addition to the product promotions, we have also dreamt up some Specials for the RINGANA Advent Calendar. So it will definitely be worthwhile looking in every day.

Facts about the Advent Calendar

  • Seek and ye shall find … a product with 20% off, every day!
  • We have a couple of Christmas competitions for you, relating to the Advent Calendar.
  • Don’t close the doors once they’re opened! That means, for example, on 5 December you can check which product was on special offer on 1 December.
  • Facebook: The corresponding product promotion can be shared on Facebook using the “Share” button!
  • Languages: The RINGANA Advent Calendar is now available in 7 languages (DE, EN, ES, IT, FR, NL & PL)!

How it works: Look for the given day on the calendar and discover a new product promotion every day by clicking on the number. To find out more about the discounted product or to order it, simply click on the opened door.

The product promotion is only valid on the respective day and the discount cannot be used retrospectively. The validity of the offers is based on Central European Time. Max. 5 discounted products can be ordered per customer per day. Any orders over 5 units will be automatically reduced. Sets are excluded from this promotion.

P.S. Apart from our daily product promotions, we also have a number of competitions for you on our RINGANA social media channels.

Here’s what to do:

For the moment, we’re not revealing when and where a competition is being staged. However, in the lower section behind each door, in addition to the Facebook share button, you’ll find another icon that will take you directly to the respective social media channel – where, on that day only, an Advent Calendar competition will be taking place.

To enter, all you have to do is read the question posed in that article, and post your answer in the Comments. A little tip: you’ll find the answer to the question in one of the posts published on the same channel between 1 and 24 December.😉

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